Belmonte provides opportunities for jobless, out-of-school youths in QC


Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has welcomed some 400 new graduates of a skills training program which include unemployed residents of Quezon City and out-of-school youths.

“Instead of giving them dole outs like food and money, why not just teach them a new skill? In that way, you will be giving them an opportunity to find a better occupation or a steady source of livelihood,” Belmonte said.

The lady politiko expressed hope that the beneficiaries of the program would be able to get decent jobs or start their own business through their newly learned skills.

The Special Training for Employment Program is a program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority that Belmonte adopted as part of her poverty alleviation programs.

The program focuses on helping the city’s disadvantaged communities, specifically out-of-school youths, high school dropouts, and solo parents aged 15 and above.

“No one can help you better than yourselves. We at the city government can only offer you opportunities – in the end it is your hard work and dedication that will make the difference,” the lady politiko said.