Kris’ b-day message to Bistek: I’m HB’s true friend and I’m 100% sure he is mine

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Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista got a heartfelt and sweet birthday message from actress Kris Aquino.

Aquino posted the message on Instagram after attending Bautista’s birthday party held last Wednesday night.

The vocal actress shared what happened to her short-lived relationship with Bautista saying that four years ago, they reconnected and “attempted a ‘relationship’ – but life & responsibilities got in the way.”

Aquino expressed how proud she was of the choices they made noting that Bautista “did right” by prioritizing his children.

But after all that happened in their lives, Aquino proudly said that she remains to be Bautista’s “true friend, and I’m 100% sure he is mine.”

Below is the complete message of Aquino:

I like the authenticity of this platform because you get to read it straight from me…

4 years ago we reconnected & attempted a “relationship”- but life & responsiblities got in the way…

4 years after i’m proud of the choices we made because we both have children we love & are very proud of.

And he did right by prioritizing them, (advanced congratulations for Saturday’s BLESSING)… I won’t lie- it took a lot of patience on his part & a lot of acceptance on mine to reach where we are.

Trust me when i say- it is possible to 1 day be chill about a broken heart- because without it i wouldn’t have received lasting friendship…

Reality check: i haven’t been a success at relationships, but i’m succeeding as a true friend & more than that, more than all our “accomplishments”- i know we’re both the best parents we can be. And that WINS over everything else in this ever changing, temporary world.

I’m HB’s true friend, and i’m 100% sure he is mine…

They say you can’t move on to the next chapter of your life if you haven’t made peace w/ the last- i’m finally ready for the continuation of my life story, and i still have hope that a new character will be introduced because i do still deserve a love story w/ a happily ever after. (Kuya & Bimb approved of course.) #grateful #peaceful #loved