QC supports P80k incentives for octogenarians

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Quezon City politikos are supportive of a measure that seeks to grant P80,000 incentive to senior citizens who have reached the age of 80.

The QC Council recently passed City Resolution 7403-2018 supporting the enactment into law of House Bill No. 6137.

The resolution, introduced by Councilor Melencio “Bobby” Castelo Jr., supports the improvement of welfare of senior citizens by providing them various benefits under the Republic Act No. 7432, as amended by RA 9257 and RA 9994.

The City Council said it wants more senior citizens to receive benefits and incentives.

“Senior citizens were able to benefit from Republic Act No. 10868 that grants an additional benefit of P100,000 to centenarians, but only very few senior citizens reach 100 years old,” the resolution read.

“House Bill No. 6137, if enacted into law, will grant monetary benefit to all senior citizens in the amount of P80,000 upon reaching the age of 80 years old which is more beneficial to numerous senior citizens,” it added.