Duterte’s EO on ‘endo’ a recycled piece of trash — Gabriela

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President Rodrigo Duterte’s newly issued Executive Order against “illegal” contractualization merely recycles existing laws and issuances that do not in any way mandate the regularization of all workers, according to the Gabriela partylist.

In a statement, the group’s Representatives Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas belittled the President’s issuance of the EO on Labor Day, saying it offered nothing new to the labor sector.

“There’s nothing new in the EO except the fact that it represents Duterte’s desperation to douse the wrath of Filipino workers with cold water,” the group said.

“But women and the workers will not be duped with this useless piece of paper,” Gabriela said.

“We fiercely reject this lame and late gimmickry as we stand firm in repealing Articles 106-109 of the Labor Code which are exploited by capitalists to deny regularization of workers,” it added.