Iwas corruption: Belmonte says youth officials must learn how to account money

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Elected youth leaders should have technical know-how on accounting and managing government funds.

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte said this urging youth council aspirants who will win in the May elections to undergo a crash course on government accounting laws.

“All elected SK officials, especially first-timers, must take up a crash course on government financial system,” she said.

She pointed out that elected youth officials must have knowledge on accounting money since they would handle public funds.

“They should have training on proper accounting and financial management and administration, including pertinent laws. They should really know how to enter into contracts and use government funds properly,” she said.

She added that having knowledge on financial aspect of public service will also prevent the young leaders to become corrupt as they can easily be dictated upon by their counterparts in the barangay.

The lady politiko likewise said it is also imperative “that the value of accountability and transparency must be inculcated to the minds of the young leaders.”

Corruption, nepotism, absenteeism and lack of transparency are among the issues hounding the youth council.

Belmonte is set to hold a seminar for aspiring youth leaders before the May 14 elections in line with the national government’s campaign to cleanse the Sangguniang Kabataan ranks.