‘Wag magpakalat ng peke: Belmonte warns youth vs fake news

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Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte advised the youth to use social media responsibly and not to become instruments in misinforming people.

“Fake news abounds. Trolls are now for hire, ready to swamp a target with hatred and animosity. Your primordial task as you go out into the world is to reverse that tide,” Belmonte said during the commencement exercises of the Asian College of Science and Technology.

“The world needs you. But be careful not to pollute the world with more untruths for what the world needs are not peddlers of information. What the world needs are critical thinkers who are able to separate truth from lies,” she told the graduates.

The lady politiko reminded the youth to always be discerning and be careful with sharing and posting information on social media.

“Ask questions. Verify. Criticize. Know that information does not become true by the number of likes or the popularity of its peddler,” she said.

“That lie will harm reputations, perhaps even destroy a life, and create a new morality, which holds that a lie, repeated often enough, will be taken by everyone – including the liar – as truth,” she added.