Bayan Muna: Building casino on Boracay ‘filthy, fishy, in bad taste’

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Bayan Muna partylist Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate raised fears on Monday that the planned resort-casino in Boracay will not only have a detrimental effect on the island’s environment but more so on its “social landscape.”

“As concerns are being raised now on the environmental situation in Boracay, the planned resort-casino, is not only ill-timed but even dubious in the midst of the Duterte administration’s resolve to close Boracay yet allowing the construction of the proposed casino,” the Makabayan solon said in a statement.

“It really seems filthy, fishy and leaves a bad taste in the mouth,” Zarate said.

The planned casino-resort is reportedly owned by Macau casino giant Galaxy Entertainment and its Filipino partner, Leisure and Resorts World Corp., with the latter supposedly controlled by allies of the administration, according to the lawmaker.

“As it is, people cannot be blamed from speculating that the pressure to close Boracay now is more to give the administration’s allies a free hand on the island. It seems that the environmental and sanitation issues are just being used as smokescreen, and, even leverage against the people of Boracay,” he said.

“After years of neglect and greed, the environmental and social problems of Boracay now certainly needs to be addressed but not at the expense of its people, and, it should not be used as a pretense for bigger problems, like a resort casino to come in,” he said.