LODI! Makati DRRM Academy impressess Japan

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Makati City earned praise from disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) experts from Yokohama City in Japan for setting up the country’s first DRRM Academy.

The academy, located at the University of Makati (UMak), was inaugurated last December to be a training ground for disaster readiness.

Makati City officials had envisioned the academy to promote DRRM not only in the Philippines, but in the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (

During a recent visit to Makati, officials from the Yokohama Fire Bureau, Fire Academy and Crisis Management Office, and from CITYNET Yokohama met with Mayor Abigail Binay following a two-day capacity assessment.

Yokohama City Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, in a letter relayed by the Japanese team, assured the mayor she would share her city’s own expertise in running the Yokohama DRR Learning Center.

This will contribute to the development of a curriculum for Makati’s new academy, she added.

“I feel strong respect (for) your leadership for implementing this great project,” said Hayashi, adding Yokohama and Makati Cities had worked together as lead city and co-lead city of the CITYNET Disaster Cluster since 2013.

Both cities were reelected for the same positions for the next four years during the CITYNET Colombo Congress held in 2017.

For her part, Mayor Binay thanked Makati’s international partners for lending their technical expertise and innovative practices in DRRM.

She said this will help promote a culture of readiness among residents and stakeholders.

“Makati gladly welcomes any form of assistance from our valued partners in the international community to raise our DRRM practices and strategies to international standards. We believe our openness to innovations for development will help solidify the foundations of a secure and resilient Makati, and empower us to lead other cities and nations towards a sustainable future,” she said.

Members of the Japanese delegation that visited Makati included:
– Program Officer Sayaka Yoda and Project Administration Director Yuko Abe of CITYNET Yokohama
– Hideya Abe, Manager for Training
– Yasunobu Shimizu, Manager for Emergency Life-saving Technician of Yokohama Fire Bureau
– Kimiyoshi Hanazuka, Office Manager of Yokohama Crisis Management Office

The Makati DRRM Academy’s pilot training programs include DRRM 101, which covers fundamentals of multi-hazard awareness, risk assessment and tools, DRRM frameworks of practice, and resilience assessment.

Its Community Development and Management program is designed for advocates who wish to become DRRM leaders.

Also offered is the First Responder’s Track, which provides education and training on immediate medical care, such as basic life support, pre-hospital life support, basic trauma life support, and mental health and psycho-social support.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Coordinator’s Track will focus on water and sanitation, nutrition in emergencies, disease outbreak management, and mental health and psycho-social support.