Six centenarians get P100k from Erap

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Six Manila residents who have reached 100 years old were honored by Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

The politiko personally handed over to them the P100,000 cash gift every centenarian get from the city government during a simple ceremony at the San Andres Sports Complex recently.

The recipients were Leonila dela Fuente Acacio and Asuncion Angque Angeles, both from District 4; Leandra De Paz Valles, from District 5; and Celedonia Eugenio, Bonifacio Santos and Araceli Garcia Manuel, from District 6.

“You have sacrificed much so that the present generation now enjoys the fruits of your labors,” Estrada said.

“Because of your valuable contributions to society in your youth and vigor, we greet you on your 100th birthdays, and hope you put the cash gifts from the city government to good use,” he added.

Eight more centenarians are scheduled to receive their cash gifts from the mayor in the coming weeks.