Group warns vs toy magnetic putty sold online

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An ecological group warned consumers against toy magnetic putty being sold online, saying it has been banned in Europe for potentially harmful arsenic and lead.

EcoWaste Coalition said the toy, which has a putty-like substance and a small cube magnet, is sold as a stress reliever.

It said the item is already being used by some Filipino children and should be withdrawn from the market “to avoid serious chemical and choking risks.”.

“We also urge online retailers to remove the listings for the banned toy following the moves by Amazon, eBay and Groupon as reported in the British media,” said campaigner Anthony Dizon.

EcoWaste said e-commerce retailers Alibaba, Lazada and Shopee have yet to remove Magnetic Putty from their websites.

The group cited information from the European Union’s Rapid Alert System (RAPEX) for dangerous non-food products, showing the United Kingdom had ordered Magnetic Putty to be withdrawn from the market for safety reasons.

Worse, it said the toy is not duly notified with the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines.

Citing investigation by the UK Northamptonshire Trading Standards Service, the group said the gold-colored Magnetic Putty contains high amounts of arsenic (measured value: 32.9mg/kg) and lead (measured value: 29 mg/kg).

“Children swallowing two or more magnets or a magnet and a metal object have previously required major surgery as the magnets are attracted to each other and may cause lacerations of the digestive tract,” it quoted the UK agency as saying.