For super poor only! Joy Belmonte mulls much cheaper housing projects for poor

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Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte is thinking of a way how the socialized housing projects in her city will benefit the real “poorest of the poor.”

Belmonte lamented that the problem on informal settlers in Quezon City is not properly addressed citing costly housing units intended for the poor.

“The P450,000 in my personal opinion is that it’s too high and not affordable to the target market which is your informal settler families, so the ones who benefited are probably salaried employees who used to rent and cannot afford to buy condos because it is too expensive,” she said.

She added that most of the informal settlers are neither members of Pag-IBIG’s Home Mutual Development Fund nor qualified to get a housing loan thus still incapable of owning houses.

She said she is studying how to come up with a much cheaper housing program “that would truly benefit the city’s poorest of the poor.”

She cited a conference she attended on socialized housing program which utilizes bamboo in building houses and will only cost P300,000.

She likewise mentioned Thailand government’s system of subsidizing homes for indigent.

“I’m studying this option of subsidizing because when you think about housing, it is a basic human right. It’s like food or education or health, so if it is feasible financially to subsidize a little, because in Thailand they subsidize 80,000, maybe we can do it here,” she said.

Currently, there are about 190,000 informal settler families in Quezon City and thousands more still unaccounted, according to Belmonte.