Hi-tech na eco-friendly pa! Mayor Binay pushes for paperless policy at Makati City Hall

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Makati Mayor Abigail Mayor has urged her colleagues at the Makati City Hall to adopt the “Paperless Policy” recently approved by the City Council.

“We laud the well-timed initiative of the City Council which complements our thrust of pursuing the city’s transformation into a digital city of the 21st Century,” the lady politiko said.

Binay said City Council Resolution No. 2018-007 adopting the Paperless Policy in the performance of its mandate is aligned with her administration’s thrust of “embracing technology in the various aspects of local governance.”

“Maximizing the use of modern technology to substantially reduce paper consumption concretely demonstrates our sincere commitment to promote the conservation of natural resources and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change,” she added.

She stressed that Makati must take the lead in adopting eco-friendly practices in its systems and operations being an acknowledged champion and role model of the global campaign for climate resilient cities.

“We must continuously innovate the way we do things at City Hall for more efficient service delivery, using all available technology whenever it is reasonably practicable and lawful to do so,” she said.

Binay had ordered the procurement of new laptops and other IT equipment for all City Council members which will be used during sessions and daily operations at the city hall.