Casilao demands release of NDF consultant, says arrest part of move to silence Left


Anakpawis partylist Rep. Ariel Casilao assailed the arrest of Rafael Baylosis, one of the negotiators of National Democratic Front of the Philippines in the peace process with the government, who was arrested in Quezon City last Wednesday.

In a statement, the Makabayan lawmaker said that instead of further focusing on the arrest of NDFP consultants, the Duterte government should resume the peace talks to resolve decades-long armed revolution.

Casilao said the arrest of the NDFP consultant was part of the Duterte government’s” effort to run after dissents and critics.” “Duterte wants to silence all opposition specially the left who are in principled criticism exposes his anti-people program and policies,” he said.

Casilao said the arrest of Baylosis was not only a clear violation of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantee (JASIG) but also a violation of his rights to due process.

He said Baylosis was still protected by the JASIG even as the peace talks was terminated as procedures was not duly observed. He demanded Baylosis’ immediate release along with his companion Roque Guevara Jr.

Anakpawis called on various sectors of society especially from the poor and the middle class to “unite and support the stalled peace talks between government and the NDFP.”

“Only resolving the root causes of armed conflict, peace based on social justice can achieve,” he said.