Tigas ulo! Erap orders crackdown on street vendors at Luneta, Baywalk

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada reminded street vendors that selling wares along Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard and Luneta Park is prohibited by law.

The politiko ordered a crackdown against street vendors who continue to peddle their wares at the “tourist belt” of Manila.

“While we wish to help (our vendors), we cannot allow them to sell there anymore as we would be violating the law,” he said.

Estrada has rejected street vendors’ request to allow them to occupy tourist destination areas due to safety and sanitation issues.

He used to allow vendors to operate in Luneta and Baywalk upon the request of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) after coming up with a livelihood program to provide vendors with uniform food carts.

The program, however, failed and Estrada said he prohibited vendors to operate in the said areas since then.

Vendors caught selling in tourist spots will be slapped with charges for violating Presidential Decree No. 856 or the Code on Sanitation of the Philippines.

They will be forced to shutdown their business and pay a fine ranging from P500 up to P2,000.