Walang mapapabayaan! Erap wants all senior citizens in Manila to be accounted for

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Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada does not want anyone to be left behind when it comes to privileges given to senior citizens.

The politiko, who himself is already a senior citizen, has ordered the city’s Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) to account for all the senior citizens in Manila who are still not included in their list.

“There really are a lot of seniors out there that need help, so I am asking OSCA personnel to speed up the census for verification in the city’s 896 barangays with the help of our barangay officials, and to account those undocumented senior citizens,” Estrada said.

“For all we know, a lot more senior citizens need our help. Even those homeless elderly I have asked to be accounted for documentation so we can take care of them and help them right away,” he added.

He stressed that his government is offering a wide range of services and perks for the elderly including free hospitalization, birthday cash gifts, free movie passes and free maintenance medicines in health centers.

As of date, there are 142,000 registered senior citizens in the city.

“There are more to come for the benefit of our senior citizens, like one of my plans for this year, to give P5,000 in burial assistance for those who pass away,” the 80-year-old politiko said.

Seniors who have reached 100 years old are also entitled to the P100,000 centenarian cash gift from the city government.