Nosebleed no more! QC requires translation for foreign business shops

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Reading shops with foreign names will no longer be a problem in Quezon City.

This after Mayor Herbert Bautista has required all business establishments with foreign names and character signages to have Tagalog or English translations on them.

“There is a need for accompanying translations and/or its wordings in English, the meaning of the foreign language business names in the signboards and/or signages of the establishments in Quezon City for easy identification and information on the nature of businesses,” one of the provisions of City Ordinance 2604 of 2017 read.

District 5 Councilor Allan Butch Francisco authored the ordinance for the purpose of taxation and the identification of the nature of the business establishments.

Covered by the ordinance are restaurants, karaoke and sing-along bars, cocktail lounges, groceries and convenience stores, commercial buildings, hotels, inns and lodging houses.

Some foreign establishments are already complying with the measure, according to Francisco.

All affected business owners and operators are given 60 days to comply.