Na-hurt: Jinggoy Estrada lambasts De Lima for calling bail a ‘miracle’

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It’s not a magic trick, but rather a testament to the case which she prepared as Justice secretary.

Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada slammed Senator Leila de Lima who dubbed his release from jail a “judicial miracle,” as the former Justice chief alluded to hocus-pocus agreements happening in Philippine courts.

De Lima said the justice system has been imbued with “impunity virus,” granting freedoms through favors.

Estrada quickly shot this down, saying: “Sandiganbayan’s decision to release me on bail is NO ‘judicial miracle,’ as alleged by you. It is simply an indication that the evidence that have been presented so far against me is not that strong.”

“The real magic or miracle happened when the DOJ during your watch automatically absolved the legislators allied with the previous administration found by the COA to have irregularities in the use of their PDAF allocations,” Estrada added.

It was under De Lima’s watch when the plunder case against Estrada was filed before the Sandiganbayan in 2014. Estrada was allowed to post bail in 2017.

“Don’t fool the people!! What do you think about yourself? A saint? You think that you are holier than thou? You think that you are clean? I DON’T THINK SO,” Estrada added.

He is definitely seething with anger here.