QC regulates tattoo, body piercing shops

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Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista is making sure that getting tattoo or piercing in his city will be safe to all.

The politiko recently approved Ordinance SP-2646 or the “Tattoo and Body Piercing Regulation Ordinance,” which regulates the operations of tattoo and body establishments in Quezon City.

The QC government has provided a list of penalties for violators of the ordinance ensuring that all shops are observing safety precautions in performing tattoo and body piercing.

The ordinance cited “recent and relevant studies” showing the “bad health effects” of tattooing and piercing when done improperly.

These include allergic reactions; skin, fungal and bacterial infections; blood-borne diseases; and the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

Owners of tattoo and piercing shops must follow requirements set by the city’s health department and Business Permits and Licensing Office.

They are also required to keep records of their clientele including name, signature, address and age, tattoo design, location on body and date of tattooing.

Think before you get inked!