Wow libre! Senior citizens in QC to get 240 free movie pass

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Ready your popcorn lolas and lolos!

Senior citizens in Quezon City are entitled to watch a total of 240 movies for free anytime this year.

A sample of the yellow admission booklet which the elderly will use for the free movie admission was posted on the official Facebook page of the city government.

The post said that they can watch movies up to two films every Monday and Tuesday, from opening of the cinema house until 5 p.m.

Aside from free movie, the 375,000 registered senior citizens in QC can also enjoy medical/dental services, fitness and wellness, social services, livelihood and employment, legal assistance, and recreation as other perks.

They are entitled to an additional 18 percent discount on medical and dental services within two weeks of their birthday.

They can also enjoy free parking in business establishments and free use of pay restrooms.

Under Ordinance 2355, series of 2015, senior citizens are also granted a tax break. When they sell their house and lot in Quezon City, they are no longer required to pay transfer tax.