Pinapahiya si Digong: Winnie Castelo slams MRT fails

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Whoever is behind this mess must be made to pay.

Quezon City Congressman Winston “Winnie” Castelo could not contain his frustration as he sees the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) fail one day after another, from a severed limb to even a detached train coach.

He wants Congress to probe the daily mishaps, moreso to catch the culprit and save the face of the Duterte administration.

“There could be more than just a sabotage of MRT operations. I smell intention to embarrass the leadership of the government. And if this suspicion is true, swift action should be taken against the plot because peoples’ lives are at stake,” Castelo said.

“The two incidents, coming one after the other, may indicate a catastrophe waiting to happen as a result of the deplorable condition of the MRT-3 system,” Castelo added.