Di maka-move on: Erap reminisces glory days in ASEAN

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His glory days as one of the leaders of ASEAN will never be forgotten by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

In his Facebook page, Estrada posted a photo of his stint as president representing the country at the 6th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The photo was posted as the country hosted the 31st ASEAN Summit last Nov. 13-14 under the leadership of President Duterte.

“Almost 20 years ago, then Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada delivered the Opening Remarks at the 6th ASEAN Summit held in Hanoi, Vietnam,” the post read.

“It was the last such regional summit in the 20th century. Perhaps fittingly, it was the Estrada presidency that closed out the 20th century, and opened the 21st, on a new wave of hope, earning him the sobriquet ‘The Millenial President,'” it added.

“His support for stronger regional cooperation and constant dialogue was evident in the speech he delivered during the event, a portion of which reflects his commitment to create societies that seek equality and justice for all: ‘It is also important to achieve the vision of an ASEAN Community of caring societies. Where nations are governed with the consent and greater participation of the people. Where the welfare and dignity of the human person are upheld. Where the good of the community is championed.'”

It seems mayor is missing his presidential days.