Casilao to Trudeau: Take back Canada’s trash ASAP


Anakpawis partylist Rep. Ariel Casilao demanded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to expedite the return to his country of 103 container shipments loaded with trash materials shipped to the Philippines three years ago.

“While we welcome the effort of the president to raises the issue which in a statement, PM Trudeau already said that he is committed to President Duterte that his government is finding a solution to address the issue. We hope that the solution would be soon because these shipments of waste materials that have been here for three years might pose health issues in the long run even if it is properly treated,” he said

“To prove its serious commitment, we asked PM Trudeau to expedite its measure so that these mixed waste materials would be shipped back in their country for proper disposal,” the Makabayan lawmaker added.

Casilao said the controversy surrounding the Canada trash is a consequence of unfair trade policy.

“The dumping of Canada’s trash was a product of corruption in the customs in connivance with its brokers. Also, it is a product of unfair trade relationship as our trade policy is geared to further open our market to foreign exports especially to non-Asean members,” he said.