Elago: US-PH ties warming up again despite Duterte’s ‘fake’ advances towards China, Russia

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Kabataan partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said the ties between the United States under Donald Trump and the Philippines under Rodrigo Duterte look friendly again despite the latter’s pivot to China and Russia.

“Despite Duterte’s fake patriotic gestures and advances towards China and Russia, the US and the Philippines are warming up,” Elago said, as she assailed Duterte’s friendly overtures toward the US after his previous rhetoric against the superpower.

“Duterte’s meeting with Trump will rubber-stamp his aspirations of a fascist dictatorship, in exchange for the opening up of US military bases for Balikatan exercises and other operations,” Elago said.

“The youth and the people will not take this lightly. Filipinos have long fought for a truly independent country. Just like the revolutionaries before us, we must fight against foreign domination and tyranny,” the Makabayan lawmaker said.

She said the US, China, and other “imperialist states” are colluding to break down tariff and trade barriers and to push for “all-out liberalization, and for unlimited plunder of our resources and further exploitation of labor.”