Salo: Roque wants his own chief-of-staff to replace him

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Kabayan partylist Rep. Ron Salo said incoming presidential spokesperson Harry Roque is trying to get his own chief-of-staff, Romel Bagares, to be installed as his replacement and obstruct the proclamation of Salo’s candidate, Ciriaco Calalang.

But Salo said Bagares is not even a member of Kabayan partylist. Roque made the same claim about Calalang. The two men have been embroiled in a leadership dispute within the party and have moved to have each other expelled from the House of Representatives.

“Roque said that he wants his Chief of Staff, Romel Bagares, to be proclaimed as his replacement. However, KABAYAN Party-list said that it will follow the Party-list law and the list of nominees submitted to COMELEC for the 2016 elections. Further, how can Romel Bagares be a KABAYAN Party-list Representative if he is not even a member of KABAYAN Party-list?” he said.

Salo said Roque even organized an “illegal party congress participated in by non-members of KABAYAN Party-list just to obstruct Calalang’s proclamation.”

“Roque’s obtrusive plan to cling on to his congressional seat through his dummy Bagares, makes us wonder why is he very much interested in the congressional seat when the podium he holds there at Malacanang is clearly a more powerful position? Why is he so attached to said congressional seat and is hell-bent in having his own nominee occupy the vacant seat?” he said.

He added, “KABAYAN Party-list refuses to and will not be bullied by Harry Roque.”