Salo on hazing suspect in Castillo death: ‘Abhorrent, horrendous and revolting’

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“Abhorrent, horrendous, and revolting” was how Kabayan partylist Rep. Ron Salo described the suspect Arvin Balag, believed to be Aegis Juris President, in “trying to deflect the accusations hurled at him” because of the hazing death of Horacio Castillo III.

“Balag’s assertions run counter to the brave testimony of Marc Ventura, known Aegis Juris secretary, who described in horrifying detail the barbarity and inhumanity inflicted upon Atio,” he said.

“Balag is entitled to conduct his defense however he wants to, in consultation with his defense counsel, however repulsive to our sense of morals that defense, his statements, and his arrogant body language may be,” Salo said.

“Balag is a young man. He still has his whole life ahead of him. He can still salvage what is left of his honor and self-respect,” the congressman said.

He added, “We can only hope he will heed the guidance of Fr. Herminio Dagohoy, Rector of the University of Santo Tomas,” who said: “Please pray to God that the perpetrators of this abominable crime admit their faults so that justice may be served. Let us appeal to their conscience and to that little goodness, that they may value their faith as Thomasians.”