Comatose Filipina abandoned in UAE, may be repatriated Oct. 26

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Attention, Department of Foreign Affairs: A Filipina who became comatose after suffering a heart attack in the United Arab Emirates last June is awaiting repatriation, possibly this week.

The Filipina, “Alicia,” was brought to a local hospital last June 7 by a taxi driver after she collapsed due to a massive cardiac arrest, Gulf News reported.

Worse, the hospital has spent Dh500,000 to care for her in the last four months as she has no insurance.

Her son has stopped taking any calls from the hospital staff as he could not afford to pay the medical bills.

Doctors said Alicia, 53, suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain and is in a vegetative state at the Aster Mankhool Hospital.

Dr. Chaitanya Prabhu said Alicia worked in the UAE for 14 years and was on a tourist visa to visit her son.

“The patient had a history of diabetes and hypertension and we made sure her air passage is clear and have a tracheotomy tube in her throat to clean the air passage. She is breathing on her own,” said Dr. Alai Taggu, head of the department of critical care at the hospital.

“We have done what we could, and see that the patient might be better off if flown home and is with her loved ones. She needs to be in a similar hospital or health-care facility. So far, the authorities at the Consulate have not been able to find a similar hospital to work out her repatriation. There is nothing more we can do for Alicia now. It is very sad,” hospital CEO Dr. Sherbaz Bichu said.

On the other hand, Philippine Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes said the consulate has been “in charge” of the case, coordinating with hospital authorities and administration in regard to her condition and to her hospitalization bills.

Cortes added the Consulate-General in Dubai is taking charge of her medical repatriation and she is scheduled to leave for the Philippines on Oct. 26.

“Lastly, it is the Philippine government through the Philippine Consul-General in Dubai that has financially assisted Ms Alicia in taking care of her repatriation and her hospital expenses as well,” he said.