Wag kayo pakialamero! Teddy Locsin channels Immanuel Kant vs foreign interference in PH affairs

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Teodoro Locsin Jr., the country’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), is rallying behind President Duterte’s recent rant against western nations meddling in domestic affairs.

Locsin echoed the vision of German philosopher Immanuel Kant who made a call for perpetual peace among states by opposing interference of foreign powers on another state.

“Kant prohibits forcible interference in ‘government of another state;’ violates ‘the right of a people struggling w/ its internal illness,'” Locsin tweeted.

Also, Locsin believes that it was unlikely a foreign intervention would ever succeed under President Duterte’s watch.

“Foreign intervention is inconceivable against a hugely elected democratic president with a popularity even bigger than its mandate. Period,” he tweeted.