Naawa sa minors: Erap eyes more ‘lenient’ curfew law

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Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada will be more lenient towards minors in implementing new rules on curfew.

After failure to get a nod from the Supreme Court, Estrada said he will come up with a less stringent ordinance for minors violating curfew hours.

“We are balancing the rights of the people and the government’s duty to protect them from harm. This new [curfew] ordinance will not be as harsh as the old one, in fact it will be more lenient, but I assure you, we will implement this strictly,” he said.

Estrada urged the City Council to prioritize the passage of the proposed ordinance.

Councilor Ricardo “Boy” Isip Jr. of the 5th District, the principal author of the ordinance, described the new ordinance as “more relaxed and “child-friendly.”

“For one, we took out the provision that penalizes the offending minor, including putting them to jail. This time, we will hold their parents or guardians responsible, not them,” Isip said.

Under the bill, minors who will be apprehended for the first time will be turned over to the nearest barangay hall, police station, or government social welfare center.

Parents or guardians will then be summoned and asked to sign an agreement not to allow their child to violate curfew hours again.

For second offense, the parent or guardian of the apprehended minor will be fined P1,000 and will undergo a 48-hour community service.

For third offense, a fine of P3,000 and a 72-hour community service will be imposed.

For fourth and succeeding offenses, offenders will be fined P5,000 and six-month imprisonment and one-day seminar on responsible parenting.