Nagbigay lang ng CPR: Solano denies role in hazing of UST freshman


Horacio Tomas “Atio” Castillo III is almost “dying” when fellow UST law student John Paul Solano provided him emergency medical aid.

“More or less he is half dead,” Solano, a prime suspect in the hazing and eventual death of Castillo, told the media after he surrendered on Friday to Sen. Ping Lacson.

“I can’t give final verdict that he is dead because I am not a doctor. He was unconscious. I did give (him) CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and then when I can’t do anything else I brought him to the hospital,” he said.

Solano surrendered to Lacson through the help of UST Law Dean Nilo Divina. “I want to clear my name because I know myself. I am innocent.”

“I wasn’t there. My involvement is to give medical assistance,” Solano said when asked whether he was present when Castillo underwent the initiation rites on September 18.