Lorenzana: Duterte might suspend work on September 21


Secretary of Interior and Local Governance Delfin Lorenzana barred that President Rodrigo Duterte might declare a suspension of work in the government on September 21.

Lorenza said that though, Duterte did not mention any particular date, the latter said that he might declare a suspension of work if there will be a massive rally in Metro Manila that will cause inconvenience to the public.

“The president said that he might suspend work if there will be a massive demonstration to avoid inconvenience to the public… so that they (leftist) can have a free hand on their demonstration,” Lorenzana said.

The leftist have earlier said that they will conduct massive demonstration during the 43rd anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law on the 21st of September.

Duterte have earlier declared September 11, former President Ferdinand Marcos’ birthday as a holiday in Ilocos Norte.