Here’s how close Joy Belmonte is to Cory and the Aquinos

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The ex-president was her mother’s ultimate best friend.

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte had a lot of wonderful memories to honor the late President Corazon Aquino, some of which she shared online during the strong woman’s death anniversary on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Belmonte recalled sweet moments of her mom Betty Go-Belmonte with her beloved Tita Cory, who actually met through her and classmate now TV icon Kris Aquino. Their bond strengthened during the Marcos era and beyond, which established these two ladies as strongholds of the country’s newfound freedom.

“Tita Cory and my mom were the best of friends, and if I am not mistaken, my mom founded the Philippine Star in 1986 to help preserve the newfound democracy that Tita Cory had just restored,” the young Belmonte said in a Facebook post.

She turned out to be instrumental to the lifelong friendship the two ladies shared, right to the newspaper magnate’s last breath.

“Today as I remember Tita Cory, I remember that wonderful person that gave greatest meaning to my mom’s life here on earth. Thank you Tita Cory. I’m sure you and mom are having a great time up there in heaven,” Belmonte said.