Erap wants highly professional traffic force


Eighty-two more traffic enforcers in Manila are set to undergo extensive retraining this June to complete the reorganization of the city’s traffic force, the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB)

Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada said the third batch of 82 trainees will be the last ones to fill up the vacated slots at the MTPB, which lost all of its 690 traffic personnel last November when he ordered a massive shakeup of the traffic department due to complaints of extortion and other illegal activities.

“This is what I wanted: a lean but mean and highly professional traffic force far from the mostly corrupt and incompetent traffic management unit we have last year,” Estrada said.

The third batch, most of them newcomers, will be assigned to “Pook Kaayusan” traffic discipline zones along the stretch of Rizal Avenue, Alcoreza added.

The two-month rigid retraining course is being handled by the Manila Police District-Traffic Enforcement Unit (MPD-TEU) and is focused on developing discipline, proper decorum and posture, and physical fitness.

The trainees also have classroom lectures about basic road accident investigation, rescue and first aid, and basic self defense techniques and the proper way of dealing with motorists.#