After Quiapo blasts, Erap wants ‘fool-proof’ security for Ramadan

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Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has ordered the local police to put in place “fool-proof” security arrangements for the Muslim community in Quiapo as the holy month of Ramadan begins later this month.

Estrada, who earlier attributed the three Quiapo blasts to “a religious war among the Muslims,” ordered the Manila Police District to harden potential targets, including the Quiapo Golden Mosque and other Islamic cultural centers across the city.

“We will be implementing foolproof security arrangements to prevent a repeat of such incidents,” Estrada said, referring to the April 28 and May 6 explosions that killed two people and injured 20 others.

“With the assistance of our Muslim community and religious leaders, the public is assured of security during Ramadan, particularly our Muslim brothers and sisters,” the Manila mayor added.

Police investigators believe the May 6 twin explosions targeted a Shi’ite Muslim cleric identified as Nasser Abinal, who also works as a tax officer of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

MPD director Chief Supt. Joel Coronel said some 425 policemen will be deployed throughout the city, with the biggest concentration in Quiapo and the Islamic Center.