Will Belmonte jump to PDP-Laban too? His daughter answers

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Will former two-time House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr.–the most respected member of the remaining Liberal Party (LP) members in the House of Representatives (HOR)–also make the jump to ruling faction PDP-Laban?

This appears to be the question of the moment after his daughter, Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte made the switch from LP to PDP-Laban Wednesday (May 10).

However, Vice Mayor Belmonte herself said there won’t be such shocking transfer as her dad plans to retire as a member of the yellow party.

“No he won’t [switch to PDP-Laban]. He will retire from politics after this last term. He will retire an LP,” the Vice Mayor said in a text message .

Congressman Belmonte, who represents the fourth district of Quezon City, is on his third and last term, which will end in 2019.

The are only 27 LP members left in the HOR, 22 of whom are with the PDP-Laban led Supermajority. The elder Belmonte, a widower, is one of them.

Earlier Wednesday, 10 House members defected to PDP-Laban. Five of the 10 came from the LP.