Kontra-pasaway: Erap expands coverage of Manila’s anti-illegal parking rules


Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada announced on Tuesday (May 2) that parking in front of churches, hospitals, schools, and even near fire hydrants is now strictly prohibited in Manila.

Estrada has ordered the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) to implement this new rule immediately to serve as a lesson to irresponsible vehicle owners.

“All vehicles we see parked or blocking the entrances and exits of schools, churches, and hospitals will be towed away immediately,” the Manila mayor said, “and of course those blocking access to fire hydrants.”

Estrada recounted a few occasions wherein he personally saw vehicles parked right on the sidewalk in front of fire hydrants.

This, he said, is a dangerous practice because it prevents firefighters from easily accessing the hydrants during fire incidents.

“You can’t park near a fire hydrant for safety reasons,” Estrada stressed.

“Leaving free and clear access to a fire hydrant minimizes the time required to respond to a fire. The first priority for firefighters is the protection of human life,” he added.