Manila police to public: Stay away from Summit venues

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For security considerations, the Manila Police District (MPD) is asking the public to stay at home or avoid the areas where the 30th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and Related Meetings and other activities will be held starting Wednesday, April 26.

MPD director Chief Superintendent Joel Coronel said the instruction of Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada was clear: Protect the ASEAN officials, guests, and delegates at all costs while at the same time minimize the inconvenience the international event will cause to the public, particularly motorists.

“We are asking the public, if possible, please avoid the ASEAN venues in this period so as not to inconvenience them and also not to add to our security considerations at the time. If possible, they can go visit the provinces, it’s a very long weekend,” Coronel said.

“For those who will be staying, avoid these places, and be vigilant and be alert at all times, and report to us any suspicious activity or persons,” the MPD chief added.

Coronel said the public may call or report any suspicious persons, activities, and abandoned belongings to MPD’s direct line 5233201 or through Text Bato 2286 and the national emergency hotline 911.

“We are asking the public to help us monitor any possible threats particularly those that might endanger the safety and security of the ASEAN delegates, considering that we are the host country. So, report to the police any suspicious persons, movements, belongings or things, we will act on that immediately,” he said.