Estrada lectures Quinta Market vendors on cleanliness: ‘It starts in the toilet’

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In keeping with his desire to make Manila clean again, Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada called on the vendors and stall owners at the modernized Quinta Market in Quiapo to keep the renovated market spick and span, especially, the air-conditioned toilets.

Estrada, remembering his late mother Doña Mary Ejercito’s teachings, lectured the vendors about cleanliness, saying the City of Manila will not be able to bring back its old beauty and glory if the residents are irresponsible and lack genuine concern.

“In Metro Manila, only here in Manila that toilets in public markets are airconditioned, hindi kamukha n’ung araw, pupunta kayo sa toilet, malayo pa ay naaamoy niyo na,” Estrada told the vendors during the inauguration of the newly renovated Quinta Market on Wednesday, April 19.

“Sa totoo lang, bakit ko naisip na gawing airconditioned ang ating toilets? Kasi n’ung maliit ako, laging nagagalit ang aking mama ‘pag madumi ang toilets. She’d tell me that cleanliness starts in the toilet,” he went on to say.

Renovated at the cost of about P150 million, Quinta Market is the centerpiece of Estrada’s public market renovation project.

It has brand new toilets boast of modern design toilet bowls with seats and bidets, urinals, and stainless toilet fixtures. Its floors are fully tiled.