No monitoring report of dev’t projects in Pasig city gov’t

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State auditors called out the attention of the Pasig city government after it was discovered that its City Planning and Development Office (CDPO) does not make monitoring reports.

In a 2016 report, the Commission on Audit (COA) said one of the functions of the CDPO is to monitor and evaluate implementation of development programs, projects and activities.

But an inquiry with the CPDO revealed that the office does not have a monitoring report to map out the progress of the implementation of the development programs and projects.

“Without a comprehensive monitoring report that encompasses the detailed accomplishment per program, project and activity under each objective and target set out in the Comprehensive Development Plan and the corresponding utilization of resources under the Local Development Investment Program, decision-makers and stakeholders may not wholly and completely appreciate the progression of achievement of the city,” the auditors said.

The COA recommended to the mayor Maria Belen Eusebio to have the CPDO set up an effective reporting mechanism on the implementation of development programs, projects and activities, with the objective of providing all stakeholders with a visible picture of the city’s accomplishments.

“Such instrument would showcase validated accomplishments, gather/provide feedback from/to stakeholders and implementers, and serve as reference in identifying the causes of delays in implementation, for informed decision-making and basis for objective adjustments,” the auditors said.

The management justified that each implementing unit of the projects has its own Monitoring and Accomplishment Report submitted to the mayor for guidance in decision-making.

Nonetheless, the CPDO was instructed to design a Monitoring and Progress Report for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.