Joseph Estrada celebrates Chinese New Year with his ‘dragons’

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Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada celebrated the Lunar New Year and welcomed the year of the fire rooster with the luckiest animal–dragons.

On his annual Chinese New Year parade at Binondo, the Politko donned in a black and gold button down polo with intricate dragon prints. Believed to be one of the most prosperous animal signs this year, Mayor Erap shared this luck by distributing ‘ampaos’ to his constituents.

“Outstretched hands, beaming smiles, rousing cheers – Chinatown was a sea of celebration as it welcomed Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada during the Grand Parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year.”

During the night before, Mayor Erap also participated and attended in a countdown concert in Chinatown organized by the city hall for the Chinoy Community in Manila.