Na-Friendzone si Bistek? Herbert Bautista talks about short-lived romance with Kris Aquino

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It’s impossible to talk about Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and not include his showbiz background in the story. Despite his absence in front of the screen for some time now, his close relationship ties with some of the TVs stars still causes him some headliners in showbiz reports in TV, radio and newspapers.

Recently, his not-so-long old flame, Kris Aquino opened up–again, on their failed relationship. But this time, she shared with the media one realization the two of them discovered going through what happened between them.

In an interview, the Queen of all Media disclosed that she and the Politiko talked about their hits and misses, where they failed and what mistakes they made. She said: “we both realize if you want a relationship, I am not talking about him ha, kasi nasa friend zone na kami, pero kung gusto mo talaga magka-chance you keep it to yourself, lalo na when you’re public [figure].” (I’m not talking about him because we’re already in the friend-zone, but if you want to have a chance, you should keep it to yourself, especially if you’re a public figure.)

But, in the persepective of Mayor Bistek, they are in the stage of discovery–or re-discovery if you may.

Ambushed while on the QCinema awards night, the media didn’t stay away from asking for his reaction on the recent interview. He told them he was shocked. He told the reporters: ‘Matagal na kaming friendzone.’ (We’re in the friendzone for a long time now.)

But he said he’s happy to see her face the interviewers calmed and composed. “‘It’s nice kasi ano ngayon e mas kalmado siya. At saka andun siya sa point ng, para sa akin, the way I look at it, self-discovery which is also good for her,” (It’s nice because this time, she’s calm. And she’s at the point, from where I look at it, self-discovery, which is also good for her.’)