Strong, Independent Women: VP Leni Robredo and Mayor Guia Gomez meet for San Juan’s housing projects


They don’t need a man to make it happen.

San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez has always been a symbol of woman empowerment, not only in her beloved city but in the Metro Manila, at least. VP Leni Robredo is today’s symbol of strength and independence as well, being a widow and single mother of her three daughters.

Recently, the two met up for San Juan’s housing development, since VP Leni is the head of the country’s chairman of the Housing and Urban Developing Coordinating Council (HUDCC).

The two woman Politikos visited San Juan City government housing and talked with its residents, making sure that they are feeling ‘at home’.

Afterwards, a program was prepared by the residents, in which Mayor Guia and VP Leni were spotted getting along well. Planning to take over the world, maybe?