Both a toughie and a sweetie: VM Jel Ejercito-Estrada can make your life heaven or hell


Everyone is so used to seeing San Juan Vice Mayor Jel Ejercito-Estrada as a one tough cookie: fighting drug-related crimes and doing her job as the city’s second mother figure.

Being a daughter of one of the Philippine’s most admired action star, now Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada helped build her strong image too.

But, from time to time, she displays her sweet image on public too. Through her social media accounts, she shows the online world that she can be two sides of a coin.

In her recent post in her Facebook account, the Politiko wowed her followers with a photo overflowing with pink, literally.

Looking directly to the camera with a ‘smize’, she poses behind roses draping from above.

She also showed how she is a sweet daughter to her mom, Dra. Loi Ejercito-Estrada, with a heartwarming photo she uploaded her account. She wrote: “The most thoughtful and generous person I know ? I love you always Mommyla! ❤️”

The post had almost 400 likes, which goes to show how the mother and daughter is loved by their followers and friends.