Bishop sees stronger family ties as solution to drug problem

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Stronger family ties could be a major answer to the problem of illegal drugs but the family must not pretend the problem does not exist, a Catholic bishop said.

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David said this mean stopping “playing deaf and blind, acting like there’s nothing to worry about.”

“In order to solve our problem regarding drugs, we must strengthen the ties of all Filipino families,” he said.

He said addiction is caused by loneliness and a person thus truly needs a family, friends, and acceptance from his own community.

David warned some parents should be vigilant for signs that something is wrong with their children.

“It will start as a simple drug addiction. Then they will try to rob you. Soon, they will rob other people too. Later on, they will peddle drugs themselves just to satisfy his or her addiction. As a mother, father, or sibling, you should notice this, and you must do something about it,” he said.