Squad goals: Kid Peña and his ‘Tropang Kid’

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They’re the riders that you won’t fear.

Makati Mayor and big bike rider Romulo “Kid” Peña has turned his hobby into public service. He has pooled together a group of about 40 riders who render volunteer work around the city with the use of their motorcycles.

Together, they have worked to reverse the negative “riding in tandem” image of bikers to a more positive light. They even got featured on Inside Racing magazine!

“They serve as escorts for funerals, and runner for official operations. The volunteers even deliver medicines and cakes for the senior citizens. They are very hands on and reliable,” read the feature.

Admin: Tropang Kid featured at Inside Racing Magazine. Kilalanin pa natin ang Tropang Kid! #bagongmakati…

Posted by Mayor Kid Pena on Saturday, March 19, 2016