Pera-pera lang: Here’s Fred Lim’s advice on how to deal with vote buying

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Former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim sees no problem with voters accepting politiko’s money in exchange for their votes during the election season.

In a recent sortie covered by Esquire Philippines at the BASECO Compound in Manila’s port area, Lim advised voters to take the money offered to them to vote for a particular politiko.

“[S]a susunod na halalan, kapag binigyan kayo ng pera… tanggapin ninyo! Pera ninyo yon eh, kaya tanggapin ninyo ang pera pero… iboto ninyo ang hindi magnanakaw,” he said.

And in front of thousands of Manila residents, Lim openly accused his successor, Mayor Joseph Estrada, of being a thief.

“Sasabihin ko kay Erap… Magnanakaw ka!” he said.

Although the former President was popularly known for the slogan “Erap para sa mahirap,” Lim said there is no truth to the belief that Estrada is pro-poor.

He noted that education and health services which were free during his term now come with a price tag under the current city administration.

“Totoo bang corrupt si Erap?” Lim asked his audience. “Eh nung naging mayor si Erap, gumaan ba ang buhay ninyo?”

For 2016, Lim will attempt to reclaim his old post and prevail over Estrada and Manila Rep. Amado Bagatsing.