Cardinal Vidal visits long-time friend Estrada

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Cebu Archbishop emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal has recently paid visit to Manila City Hall, where he personally welcomed by his long-time friend Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

“A cardinal at city hall,” Estrada said on his Facebook post.

During Edsa Dos, the cardinal went to Palace and convinced President Estrada to step down for the good of the country and the latter decided to leave peacefully without bloodshed.

Also in 2007, during Estrada’s trial on charges of plunder and perjury, the former president has talked about his fear of getting an unfavorable decision from the Sandiganbayan with Vidal who he considers a friend and spiritual adviser.

Vidal has also played historic roles in the fates of the country’s two presidents, Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.