Nilaglag na! LP campaign manager Belmonte admits Ambolodto may not win as senator

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Barely a week after publicly hoping for a sweep of the senatorial race, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte practically snuffed out hopes that Department of Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Nariman Ambolodto will become a senator in the 2016 elections.

Belmonte, LP’s general campaign manager, did not give a direct answer when asked how he would campaign for the two relatively unknown bets in the ruling party-led senatorial slate— COOP-NATCCO party-list Rep. Cresente Paez and Ambolodto.

Instead, he said the Mindanaoan lawyer’s candidacy should be seen as “ennobling” because she came from a war-torn area.

“She (Ambolodto) has a very beautiful life story. She’s somebody who has been a victim of conflict [in Mindanao] and [yet] managed to go up. Maybe this is not her time to be a senator yet, but definitely, the fact that the LP gives recognition to such a person, and for her life story to be known to the Filipino people, I think it’s very ennobling,” he said.

“Whether she becomes a senator or not, it’s nice for us to know there are people like that in our midst,” Belmonte added.

Ambolodto, who once became officer-in-charge of Maguindanao, earlier admitted her popularity greatly pales in comparison with that of other candidates, but was hopeful LP will help her candidacy.