Michael Fajatin: Dear Mr. President of Our People


This letter is from a nobody to somebody and hopefully reaches everybody.

I am a Filipino.

I am a Father.

And sincerely a Friend.

I am your Kababayan, your Katuwang, your Kaibigan.

I am neither yellow, nor blue nor red. I am simply colored brown.

My skin tells me, I am born of a proud race that God has created, as a gift to the human race.

Let me thank you, for enjoying my freedom of speech. To express my opinion.

Let me enjoin Our People to exercise this right, to speak responsibly and conscientiously, for our sons and daughters and for the future of Our Country.

Let me say that I will support you, because you are evidently, the best hope our country has at this time.

Let me say, that i will believe in your Convictions, to make our Country better.

Trust in your honest empathy, to uplift our lives.

Rely on your promise, that you will be the President of all Filipinos and be held accountable, to no foreign power, but only to God, Our Nation and Our People.

Let me say that i am thankful of your resolve, to save our country from narco politics and terrorism.

You have exposed the creeping doom, that threatens to engulf our nation.

The drug menace is as serious, as corruption and corrupt officials, even more, the scourge of our Nation.

I look at these, as the pillars of evil in our Nation, that I wish be the first to taste, the actions of your strong leadership.

Let me say that I love your balls. But i wont lick them, if it endangers even one Filipino of his basic rights.

Even when he is a lowly idiot by nature, but not of choice.

If he wishes and pleads to be given a second chance, I must respectfully appeal Mr. President… for your reconsideration.

Finally Mr. President, again as a Father, a Friend and as a Filipino… a humble reminder from somebody like you, who has longed for sincere changes to benefit our People…

Please do not waste the power of your office, on personal anger expressed in public.

Because you will miss the chance to finally unite our People and our Nation.

This was the dream of our national heroes who laid their lives for our freedom, independence and national identity.

We get your frustrations, but we don’t have much time to endure the hardships of everyday life.

We have lived these frustrations every single day.

We have bled our emotions and extended our patience, trying to make a living, in the hopes that our family experience: simple comforts of food, shelter, education and the minimum wage.

That is why, we ask for changes affecting the common Filipino, to be in your priority as our Leader.

Please continue to rid our government of corruption.

They are not friends to us, but public servants. They simply have to go.

Please… please, do not exaggerate on issues such as killings, martial law, rape and suppression of our fundamental rights.

The idea, effect and result of any of these, has an exact amount of serious fear, of an end that should not be made fun of.

I laugh and find humor in your jokes and i understand some as culture. I even accept your expletives stemming from frustration. But humbly not of the topics mentioned.

If i may continue, Mr. President…

The power of your office does not solely depend upon your 16 million mandate, in support of your policies.

The true source of your power and of the Presidency, does not depend on how many will support you, to move forward on changes. But on how less of the mistakes of the past you can correct.

I will support you.

I will believe you.

I will trust you.

And beyond that I will appeal to you as a Filipino, to wield your power as our Leader…

To Unite us as a People and as a Nation.

You can stop the Hate, Mr. President, If only you call upon Us to do so.

As you said in your first SONA… “If we cannot as yet love one another, then let us not hate each other so much”.

Remind us again Mr. President and include this in your everyday speeches, so we may take to heart the call for unity.

And heal our land, so we can once and for all, look at each other with equal caring, understanding and responsibility.

To pull ourselves together and not apart from one another. And be equal with the source of your power.

Because the power of the Presidency is only as effective, as its unified People.

I am proud that you know the history of our nation well and acknowledge the mistakes from yesterday, to correct on the direction we should take towards tomorrow.

Thank you for Trying. Thank you for Enduring. Thank you for Listening.

Please be the President of every Filipino. Because you can be. And because you are.

Be the President our Forefathers envisioned in the past, to lead this Nation to the Future.

Please be the President of Our People.