Taas ng confidence level! Erap unfazed by looming battle with Villar, Lim for Manila mayoral post

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Running against big-time and seasoned politikos doesn’t scare Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

Estrada reiterated his intention to seek his third and final term as mayor of the country’s capital in the coming 2019 elections.

Among the rumored contenders for the mayoralty post were former Senator Manuel Villar and Estrada’s staunch political rival former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

“The more the merrier, right?” Estrada said when sought for comment.

He said he has “nothing to prove anymore” since he had already beaten the two politikos in different elections in the past.

Estrada defeated Lim in two consecutive mayoral battle while Villar placed third in the 2010 presidential race where the actor-turned-politician landed second after Benigno Aquino III.

“At this point, only my esteemed rival, Mayor Lim, has announced a plan to campaign for the mayor’s office. If Mayor Lim finally decides he will seek another term, I welcome his decision. I’m excited,” the 80-year-old politiko said.

Estrada’s long time ally, former vice mayor Isko Moreno, is also reportedly eyeing Manila’s highest elective post.