Heart-to-heart talk! Binay urges Makatizens to join dialog with local leaders

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Listening may be the secret of Makati Mayor Abigail Binay’s successful career as a politiko.

Binay has urged her constituents to participate in the Lingkod Bayan Caravan and Ugnayan sa Barangay dialog, where residents will have the opportunity to raise their concerns and needs to their local officials.

Launched in January 2017, the weekly dialog has given residents the chance to meet with the mayor, vice mayor, city councilors, and department heads and directly ask questions and express their concerns and suggestions to them on how to further improve their city.

“Our twin outreach programs have effectively brought the city government closer to the people. We are heartened by the large turnout of participants at every caravan and dialog we had held in the past year. We look forward to an even bigger participation this year,” Binay said.

The politiko underscored the importance of residents’ active involvement and support in the successful outcome of new innovations being undertaken by the city government geared towards the digital transformation of Makati.

“The Ugnayan sa Barangay has turned out to be a strategic source of valuable information crucial to effective program implementation, efficient service delivery, and proactive policy- and decision-making at the level of the city government,” she said.

She noted that the twin programs had served nearly 30,000 residents in 27 barangays in 2017 with social and medical services serving some 71,770 residents.

Among the social services the city provides include feeding activity, free massage and haircut services, and assistance on applications and other concerns regarding Yellow Card, Blu Card, White Card, PWD Card, Solo Parent’s ID, and Philhealth ng Masa Card.

Medical services include medical consultation, checking of vital signs/blood pressure, blood sugar screening, height and weight measurement, nutritional assessment, X-ray, ECG, and blood typing.